nothing can bring you lasting happiness, because you already have it. The question to ask yourself is
"what am I doing to disturb it"


Over 12 years ago I started out on a path to find my purpose. Prior to this time ‘Old Prue’ was rather uncommittal, she had a sharp tongue and used her sense of humour to mask a lack of self esteem. Defensiveness was the armour commonly used to protect a belief that she wasn’t good enough whilst her indecisiveness mirrored a fear of getting it wrong.

It was an exhausting existence having all these strategies holding me back from living my fullest potential however I didn’t know this at the time and therefore continued to play the game I call ‘the cycle of perpetual sameness’….. read more

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My philosophy


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A spiritual path is not linear, it will take you around many turns, you will stop and start but sooner or later you will be standing at the cross road questioning everything you thought you knew.

When I reflect on my own path to date, one thing becomes very clear; there is no end. This could sound daunting to read especially if you are currently standing at the cross roads to your own life and questioning it’s meaning. All I can say is it gets easier.

My philosophy to life and my practice is; simplify, simplify, simplify. Something Maya Tiwari my Ayurvedic teacher taught was “if you are seeking balance and harmony, look at what you can take away rather than add”. In the west we have become accustomed to throwing things at the problem to find the solution. Whether it’s more supplements, exercise, superfoods or rituals this ‘more is more’ approach to feeling well can be counter intuitive.

So I always ask the question “Do I ……?”;

  • Trust my body and it’s intelligence
  • Understand how the systems of the body function to keep me alive and well
  • See where my choices are either hindering or helping my body to do it’s job optimally
  • Know what I am doing to disturb my own happiness
  • Have a meaningful path that meets my daily needs

My greatest triumphs have come through an unwavering commitment to ‘Know Thy Self’ irrespective of what others may think. The path is endless and although I don’t claim to hold the oracle I can say that I have walked mine enough to support others to walk theirs …. read more