10 Day Spring Cleanse

Ayurveda acknowledges that as the seasons and the associated elements/qualities change so do we. Our body and mind respond to the environmental shifts that guide us towards beneficial choices which supports harmony from within and protects us from dis-ease.

September 15th signifies the transition from Late Winter into Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Our own microcosm of weather is merely responding to the macrocosmic influences from the whole and it is through our awareness we are called to adapt our habits and behaviours to harmonise.

The Sadhana of cleansing through seasonal transitions which is called Ritucharya follows the principle of ‘one foot in and one for out’ meaning that to transition with grace you honour the first half supporting the body to eliminate excess of what the body is holding from the previous season and then begin introducing the changes in activities, food and routine which will support you through the upcoming season.

All seasons aside there are fundamental principles and practices that will support you all year round, laying the foundation for balancing your individual constitution called Dinacharya (daily routine). This knowledge coupled with tuning into your bodies wisdom is what will sustain you all year round.

This cleanse will bring you back to nature, your intuition and the ancient knowledge of Veda.


What you receive over the program

I have two options to purchase for the cleanse. Option 1 is the cleanse pack + cleanse PDF to follow on your own or Option 2 which includes the cleanse pack, cleanse guide + Facebook support group with live Yoga classes and meditations alongside additional Vedic wisdom, inspiration and email/message support.

  • Cleanse Pack – This pack includes; detox tea, abyhanga detox oil, digestive pills, dosha balancing herbal tablets, cooking spice mix and digestive tea.
  • 10 Day guided cleanse manual  – Will be accessed via website link or through private facebook page.
  • Included in Option 2 – Live online Yoga & Meditation Classes – This will be streamed through facebook group. If you are not on facebook you can be sent a link for anytime play.
  • Included Option 2 – Additional recipes, Vedic wisdom + Daily support via email and/or facebook

If you are under the care of a GP or alternative health practitioner please contact me prior to booking to discuss. If you would like a 1:1 Ayurvedic consultation please contact me for recommended practitioners.



Who is this for?

  • Those feeling sluggish, tired and unmotivated
  • If you are feeling ungrounded
  • Your emotions are up and down
  • Digestion is sluggish
  • Wanting clarity and confidence
  • Haven’t cleansed in the past 6 months
  • Ready to learn how to implement sustainable practices
  • Want to connect with deeper daily practices
  • Need some support in sticking to a program

Cost & Payment

Depending on the option you choose you will receive what you need for either self guided or group guided. Option 2 will receive Zoom live sunrise and sunset classes (6 in total / dates will be announced February and all recordings available to access anytime), additional recipes and Vedic wisdom.

Option 1: $135 + postage

Option 2: $185 + postage

Pick up from Brookvale available free / postage is invoiced once pack is posted


Dates & Schedule

Starts 10th September – 20th September 2021

Your place on the cleanse will need to be booked by 6th/7th to have your pack ready to start for March 10th. If you are interstate or overseas with current postal delays be prepared and order ahead of time.

You will be added to the private group and receive access by the 9th to prepare for the cleanse

This program is segmented into 3 stages – Day 1 – Day 3 / Day 4 – Day 6 / Day 7 – Day 10 which each section/tabs on the member dashboard outlines.