Starts April 15th

Enrolments close march 10th

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I am inviting 10 individuals to join me for a 3 month mineral deficiency program starting April 15th 2022. We have been lead to believe that the wrinkles on our face are natural signs of ageing when in fact they are natural signs of the bodies inability to uptake minerals effectively. This program is designed to help you start your journey towards re-correcting the deficiencies that affect your bodies ability to function optimally. May you receive my ‘directness’ in the way I intend it to be, that after 12 years supporting clients I have learnt whom I can help and then whom don’t want to help themselves, the former will reap the results.



Full facial analysis and mapping

Analysis report based on mapping and health concerns

3 months worth of individualised formula’s targeting your primary health goals

1:1 x 90min initial consultation session

1:1 x 60min final consultation session

Monthly photo comparison analysis

6 x Online zoom 90min sessions covering; self muscle testing, dosages,  identifying allergies (food and household), mineral education and Q&A’s

Facebook group for daily support and communication

The opportunity to join another group program to address any secondary health concerns or goals e.g. clearing heavy metals etc or to progress further with your primary care program after the 3 months has completed



Anyone who is ready to refrain from consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs for the 3 month period (I can give 1 days grace if you have a special event like a wedding of milestone occasion). Alcohol is one of the greatest inhibitors of the up take of micronutrients due to the hardening of the cell membrane that occurs for up to 48 hours after consumption.


Anyone who is ready and motivated to improve their health; fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, thyroid function/autoimmune, digestive health, skin complaints, weight gain, reversing signs of ageing, menstrual cycles, fertility, mental health, menopause, reflux, hormonal imbalances and much more. This program is not the place for complex cases such as neurological disorders or multi-faceted health conditions however you are welcome to connect privately.


If you are committed to self responsibility and long term results verses quick fixes and ‘nothing works for me’ attitudes. I am only interested in seeing results which means you will be able to show up on the live sessions and are able to remember to take your minerals daily morning/night over the course of the program (the online sessions will be scheduled once the group is together and I work out the best time for everyone). 



If you are on prescription drugs and/or under the care of a physician, I recommend  you contact me and enquire as various prescription drugs inhibit the uptake of minerals and vitamins and vice versa. I never recommend anyone go off their prescribed medications just suggest you contact your GP to discuss what is possible.


If you are unsure about whether this group program is for you, please email me with your queries so I can assess the appropriateness and whether it can meet your personal goals and expectations.



Once you secure your space you will received an email with instructions on taking facial photos and fillable PDF to complete your health history and health goals. Once returned by email I can get started on your facial mapping straight away and complete my analysis report.

When this is ready I will contact you to arrange the initial 1:1 90min session to meet online and share the assessment plus any other important details we wish to discuss. We aim to have these complete by April 15th if not a week earlier depending on aligning times.



$820 all inclusive

I have made this program as affordable as possible given the care and products. From my experience most clients are on 2 x individualised formulas with potential of a third or a targeted mineral that may not be found in the formula so this cost has been accounted for. All formulas and minerals have a negative ionic charge. formulated and hand batched by my mentor in Canada.

To book I require 50% payment which is only refundable if you have not received any of the services. Prior to the start date I would of completed facial mapping, individual assessment and ordered your formulas so they can be with you before April 15th. The balance is due April 8th prior to the commencement of program starting. There will be no payment plan options unfortunately.

IMPORTANT: These services or products are not covered by health insurance so no rebates available. With the current health climate it is important to note #disclaimer this is first and forth-most an educational program with health benefits. It’s aim is to not over-ride any medical advice given however empower you with tools, education and a personal experience to demonstrate how necessary it is to recorrect deficiencies if you want your body to heal.



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