Vedic Retreat Program

All of us are seeking unity; whether through knowledge (Jnana), relationships (Yoga/union) or action (Karma). When we consciously seek unity through Yoga and meditation, we can overcome all individual and social suffering that is born from a sense of separation.

Our true journey in life is the inner movement towards realising that the Self is not a individual experience of memory but the light of awareness that dwells in all creatures and pervades the entire Universe.

The path of awakening is to take mastery (karma) over your outer existence. For this to occur you must have contact with your own inner Self and an ability to share it’s presence and value with all (dharma).

Navigating your personal karma’s and aligning with the dharma is an empowering process, one that uncovers your capacity to deepen your relationship with the universe at whole, creating harmony and abundance for all.

Over the program you will learn the foundational principles and practices of dharmic living in a meaningful, creative, and adaptable way. This approach to healing is an unfolding of your life as a way of Self-knowledge and Self-realisation that over time becomes a natural way of living.

As you learn to master your inner reality you can discover greater potentials of well-being, creativity, and higher consciousness, often far beyond what you might have previously considered possible for yourself.


What is Included?

Due to personal changes for myself and the family I am now only offering the option of the weekend retreat below, apologies for any inconvenience in this change.

Option 1: The whole program including 10 Day Ayurvedic cleanse, 3 Day weekend retreat and 1 x 90min private session before or after retreat. – No Longer Available

Option 2: Join us for the 3 Day Weekend Retreat in Mount Victoria (2 hours from Sydney)


Overview of Program

  • 3 Day Retreat Weekend  – Hosted at the majestic Vanam Retreat in Mount Victoria 2 hours from Sydney, over the weekend you will be guided through;
    • Receive a personal in depth Vedic profile based on your time/place of birth that will be used throughout the workshop programs at retreat.
    • You will learn to road map your personal karma’s in all aspects of life and relationships, discover where your dharma ‘one’s life purpose & duties’ are focused towards and gain greater understanding on how the macro and microcosmic energies influence your life and future.
    • Discover the absolute truth you have about yourself, others and your desire/goals through contemplation and self enquiry techniques. This practice is not for seeking immediate results but looking inward to attune to a greater flow of consciousness and state of being that itself provides the solution to all your perceived problems.
    • Understand the nature of reality, including your own true nature and how to bring acceptance to what is.
    • Sunrise/Sunset asana movement, pranayama and Yoga Nidra practice over the weekend.
    • Agnihotra – Sunrise & Sunset Vedic fire ceremony & Meditation
    • Exploring Sadhana (spiritual practices) and how to integrate your individual practice into daily living functionally.
    • Learn the philosophy of Dharma & Karma and how it applies in your life.
    • Understanding your own karma, dharma, temperament and capacities to gain greater compassion and understanding to your personal spiritual path and others.
    • Nourishing vegetarian menu and Self Care package.
    • Option to receive massage at retreat – additional $100

We look forward to enlivening your spirit and innate wellbeing.

Prue xx



Who is this for?

  • Those feeling the pull towards radical change
  • If your fear of change is making you indecisive
  • Your emotions are up and down dependant on external circumstances
  • You find yourself in similar situations with work, relationships etc
  • When you talk about what you want but don’t do anything about it
  • Want more energy and fulfilling relationships
  • Ready to learn what you are here for and how you can contribute to others
  • Need tools and deeper understanding of who you are and who you are capable of being
  • Feeling sluggish and lacking motivational energy
  • Just feel ready of step deeper onto a spiritual path

Outline of Cost

The cost below reflects the whole program inclusive; Accommodation/Room Type, Food and all program activities. We ask for a 30% deposit to secure booking;



Due to restrictions currently we can only take 9 guests on retreat. Below are the options and pricing respective of the room configurations. We understand that for most you would like your own room however this is not always possible and trust there is plenty of space around Vanam to be with yourself and have the room as a place to rest your head.

All guests will be respectful of one anothers property and process throughout the weekend. We truly want to make this program as accessible as possible given the depth of care we will be providing over the course of the month.



Garuda Suite – 3 Singles/Shared Room

$850 – Weekend Retreat Only

Buddha Suite – Queen Bed / Shared (ideal for friends or couple) or Private

Single : $950

Double Shared :  $850 per person

Eden Suite – King Bed or 2 Single / Shared (ideal for friends) or Private

Single : $950

Double Shared : $850 per person

Maya Suite – 4 Singles/Shared Room


Payment & Options

We require 30% deposit to secure your booking with balance payable 23rd April 2021. Cancellation can be made up until April 15th 2021. If you need a payment plan please contact me directly to arrange and secure your place.


Outline of Dates & Schedule

3 Day Retreat is @Vanam Retreat in Mount Victoria;

The Dates for this retreat are having to be postponed and rescheduled due to our move up northern NSW. Please start connected for when new dates are announced.

Friday : Settle into Vanam Retreat / Afternoon Asana Practice / Sunset Agnihotra & Meditation / Group Meal / Evening Yoga Nidra

Saturday: Sunrise Agnihotra & Meditation (optional) / join for morning Asana practice (all levels) / Breakfast & time to self / Morning Workshop Session – Karma’s (philosophy, road mapping your karma’s and lessons) / Lunch & time to self / Afternoon session – Inner Awareness & Self enquiry process ‘Discovering the truth of your reality’ / Afternoon Asana Practice / Agnihotra & Meditation (optional) / Group Dinner / Evening Guided Meditation

Sunday; Sunrise Agnihotra & Meditation (optional) / join for morning Asana practice (all levels) / Breakfast & time to self / Morning Workshop Session – Dharma (philosophy, road mapping your personal and collective dharma ‘purpose in this lifetime’ and self mastery) / Lunch / Group closing and Meditation

Finishes: Sunday 2pm