When I reflect on my own path, one thing becomes very clear, there is no end.

This could sound daunting to read especially if you are currently standing at the cross roads to your own life questioning it’s meaning. All I can say is it gets easier.

My philosophy to life and my practice is; simplify, simplify, simplify. Something Maya Tiwari my Ayurvedic teacher taught was “if you are seeking balance and harmony, look at what you can take away rather than add”.

In the West we have become accustomed to throwing things at the problem to find the solution.¬†Whether it’s more supplements, exercise, superfoods or rituals this ‘more is more’ approach to feeling well can be counter intuitive and stressful.

I help my clients with a systematic approach to exploring their own existence. Who are you? What is your purpose here in the world? What are you ‘doing’ that is disturbing you ‘being’. Where in your life are you focusing too much energy on things that don’t fulfil you. Do you realise your own essential nature.

Regardless of what is occurring there is always a path that can support you towards a life that feels meaningful to you.

So I ask yourself the question “Do I ……?”;

  • Trust my body and it’s intelligence
  • Understand how the systems of the body function to keep me alive and well
  • See where my choices are either hindering or helping my body to do it’s job optimally
  • Recognise when I need something and act upon it
  • Live myself according to what is true for me
  • Know what I am doing to disturb my own happiness
  • Have a meaningful path that meets my daily needs

If you can answer yes to 3 or more of these then no doubt you are well on your path and may just be looking for some additional support (physical, emotional/mental or spiritual).

If you have answered ‘no’, ‘sort of’ or ‘what is she talking about?’ then you are ready to learn more about how you can find your own path towards living wholly.

Where are you on your path?