Just for today, let go of anger, let go of worry, honour your teachers, earn your living honestly and express gratitude to all living beings.

- Five Reiki Precepts -

Okuden is a Japanese word meaning ‘inner teachings’. As the word implies a deeper understanding and connection to Reiki is achieved during this course as you call the energy.



The 2nd degree level teaches you;


How to connect to the different energies within Reiki. This is achieved through the practise of using Reiki symbols (yantras) and mantras.


You will learn three Reiki symbols - power symbol, mental/emotional symbol and distant/absentee symbol (how to write them and when to use them), where you consciously direct the energy while healing: others, animals, planet, plants or yourself.


How to enhance your own energy levels and sensitivity. There are many aspects to the symbols and mantras which include chanting and visualisation techniques.


Distant healing is one of the major benefits of working at this level and is naturally practised in the course.


How to treat clients professionally and how to set up your Reiki practice.


Information on joining the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals (AARP) and how to obtain relevant insurances.

Additional Japanese Reiki techniques are taught to assist your spiritual growth even further.





You receive one attunement to open your heart chakra, which allows you to share and experience un-conditional universal  love and compassion

It is believed that from Level 1 to Level 2, the amount of energy that you channel increases about 200%.  Some also believe that attunement to the power symbol alone boosts your energy (E.g. from a 50 watt light bulb to a 500 watt bulb), plus your healing ability also increases

(E.g. from 110 volt current to 220 volt current), but again, it is your focus and intention that initiate your healing capacity



How do I achieve Okuden Level 11 Reiki Course


The Okuden Level Reiki Course is conducted over 2 full days to ensure that the student has plenty of time to practice

Reiki and obtain feedback from their teacher.



On completion of the course


At the completion of the course you will receive your Reiki manual and Certification as a Reiki Okuden Level 11 Practitioner.

You will also have the skills and knowledge required to set up your own Reiki Practice.


For those interested in teaching Reiki or enhancing their Reiki education further, then Shinpiden Level 111 – Master / Teacher Level will be the next step for you.



When can I take Shinpiden Level III


Once you have received Master attunement, you cannot change your mind - this is a lifetime commitment; therefore your decision

for becoming a Reiki Master Teacher should be given serious consideration.


Upon completion of Master Teacher Level, you have the option to teach, but the importance for becoming a Reiki Master is not really about teaching, rather;


It’s about making a lifetime commitment to understand the healing art of Reiki

It’s about making a commitment to offer a healing practice

It’s about making a commitment to maintain a spiritual discipline

It’s about making a commitment to show un-conditional love and empathy for all living things



What is the cost of the Okuden Level II Reiki Course


Okuden Level II Reiki Course cost $500 and is over 2 full day sessions. This price includes refreshments, nourishing vegetarian lunch, Reiki manual and certificate.


We take a minimum of maximum of 6 students to ensure the necessary attention is given for comprehensive understanding of the practice.

We also run Yoga and Reiki 2 weekend retreats throughout the year so please check the calendar for details.

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