Spirit of Reiki is an expansion of my Reiki practice, the teachings and community we share together.

As I evolve my vision for sharing Reiki with the world has followed. Whether you are here seeking treatment or to learn I want to remind you that you are already healed and whole, Reiki helps you to remember.

In this space I honour the traditional teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho within my treatments, my courses and personal meditation practice. I honour and thank the masters before us, the students that follow and the Light of Reiki.

May Reiki bring you peace, love and connection with the Divine.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key)

Simply translated from Japanese, means spiritual energy.

Reiki  is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of hands on or off healing. Reiki energy has also been documented in many ancient cultures and traditions under various names. The Indian call it “prana”, the Chinese “chi” and the Japanese “ki” however they are all referring to the same universal energy.

Reiki is the life force inherent in all beings, sentient and insentient. It permeates everyone and everything. Therefore anyone can learn how to direct energy consciously.

Reiki enables the bodies natural healing response through decreasing stress in the mind, relaxing the body, improving circulation and activating the immune system, which is the bodies’ self cleansing function, leading to faster and more effective cleansing process.

Mikao Gyoho, is the founder of the system of natural healing referred to as Reiki. He took the last name of Usui when he received the Gift of Reiki.

He was born on August 15th, 1865, in the village of Yago, which is in the Yamgata district of the Gifu prefecture in southern Japan. Mikao took the last name of “Usui ” when he became a teacher, a sensei, of his natural healing system. 

Other genealogical information known about the origins of this man is currently limited to what is written on his memorial stone, located at the Saihoji Temple in the Toyotama district of Tokyo. The inscription upon the stone is written in Old Japanese and was translated into Modern Japanese by Masano Kobayashi, and then into English by Frank Arjava Petter , author of “Reiki Fire ” and Sapporo Petter. The information is as follows: “His ancestor’s name is Tsunetane Chiba. His father’s name was Uzaemon. His mother’s family name was Kawaai. ” Also on the stone was this information: “Dr. Usui had a wife named Sadakko; her maiden name was Suzuki. They had a son and a daughter. The son, Fuji Usui took over the family business after Dr. Usui’s passing. “ 

It is not known what the family business was. It is known that his son did not take over the Reiki organization that Dr. Mikao Usui started. Mikao Usui passed away on March 9th, 1926, of a fatal stroke at the age of 61.

The story of Reiki that has come out of Japan in recent years begins with Dr. Usui’s failed business. We do not know what that business was, only that it failed. While this failure left him in great debt, it also left him with a great desire for something more than just material gain.

On Dr. Usui’s memorial stone is carved the following statement: “One day he went to Mount Kurama on a 21-day retreat to fast and meditate. At the end of this period he suddenly felt the great Reiki energy at the top of his head, which led to the Reiki healing system. ” This would give credibility to this part of Takata’s history.

According to his memorial stone: “He opened a clinic in Harajuku, Aoyama, Tokyo in April of 1921. He not only gave treatments to countless patients, some of whom had come from far and wide, but he also hosted workshops to spread his knowledge. ” There is no mention of healing the beggars and then opening up a “for-pay” clinic or school which you may find in previous history documents.

What is mentioned on the memorial stone and what might be the roots of Takata’s history claiming that Dr. Usui first gave Reiki away to the beggars, are these statements: “In September of 1923, the devastating Kanto earthquake struck Tokyo. Thousands were killed, injured, or became sick in its aftermath. Dr. Usui grieved for his people, but he also took Reiki to the devastated city and used its healing powers on the surviving victims. ”

His fame as a healer having spread, Dr. Usui’s clinic overflowed with people wanting treatments and training. He opened another clinic in Tokyo in February of 1924. Invitations to other areas to teach and treat poured in. Dr. Usui traveled and taught throughout Japan. During his stay in Fukuyama, he suffered a fatal stroke. This was March 9th, 1926. His memorial stone states that he taught Reiki to over 2000 people and yet he taught for only five years!

Reiki treatment stands on its own as a healing practice and is also safely used to support orthodox and complementary medicine.

Reiki doesn’t interfere with or diminish the intended effects of other health or medical practices. It enhances the body’s natural healing ability and promotes wellbeing.

  • Creating deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension
  • accelerates the bodie’s self-healing abilities
  • Aids better sleep
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Can help with acute (injuries) and chronic problems (asthma, eczema, headaches, etc.) and aides the breaking of addictions
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony
  • Assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins
  • Reduces some of the side effects of drugs and helps the body to recover from drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy
  • Supports the immune system
  • Increases vitality and postpones the aging process
  • Raises the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing

Every person is unique, therefore no one treatment is the same.

Your experience receiving Reiki will vary from others as it supports the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth of the individual. Prior to the treatment we will discuss medical history whilst taking a brief overview of your life holistically.

Treatments are received lying down, ensuring optimal comfort on a massage table supported with pillows and eye mask for deep relaxation. There is no need to remove any clothing as we are working on the energetic level and hand will either be lightly touching (if comfortable with this) or away from the body.

Clients throughout treatment have reported feeling;

  • Profoundly calm and relaxed
  • Falling into Alpha like-Sleep (where someone is neither fully asleep nor fully awake but still responds to touch and sound)
  • Feeling very light or like you are floating on clouds
  • Experiencing vivid dreams during treatment, flashbacks and imagining vivid images; Seeing vivid colours and coloured lights however don’t have any sensory reaction to it.
  • Feeling extreme cold or intense heat in various parts of your body, shivering, prickling sensations or slight itchiness
  • Temporary tightening in the throat; feeling the need to breathe more deeply​
  • Temporarily feeling heaviness in the chest area​
  • Remembering long lost memories
  • Feeling tingling, numbing, a sensation like sparks in the muscles​
  • Feeling tearful
  • Feeling like they have a lot more space in the mind and body

After the Reiki treatment is finished there will be time to discuss the session and provide space for you to ask questions. 

The benefits of Reiki and many holistic modalities are accumulative meaning that with each session the bodies natural healing response will be stimulated and improved.

Some people have a mild detoxification after a Reiki healing, such as running nose, bowel changes, perspiration or perhaps skin breakouts. You may also experience mood changes, have vivid dreams, feel tired or have other bodily sensations. This is all a natural part of the healing process as the body detoxifies and rebalances. 

After a Reiki treatment it is important that you drink plenty of water and allow some quiet time for integration of the session. 

A lineage within a practice such as Reiki allows you to understand with whom the teachings have be orally handed down.

Each Teacher Master has initiated, attuned and taught the student to receive and channel Reiki for healing relative to the level they have completed. Below is my lineage of Masters.

Some believe that with a closer lineage to Usui sensei, the more powerful healer you are.  However, it is important to remember that you are not the healer, it is through your strong connection to the universal source (Reiki) that allows you to channel energy and to positively direct your focus and intention for healing to occur.  Your health, meditative stillness and focus enables you to utilise greater amounts of healing energy (or Reiki) for the benefit of the receiver.

Dr. Mikao Usui


Dr Chujiro Hayashi


Hawaya K. Takata 

(February 1938)

Phyllis Lei Furumoto

(April 1979)

Ma Deva Pyaso, Eileen Dezouche

(April 1982)

Ma Rikta, Shanti, Sigrid Rubens

(October 1989)

Prudence S. Proctor

(July 2013)

There are essentially 3 levels of Reiki with an additional level becoming teacher.

Each level offers the practitioner a stepping stone reflective of where they are at within their practice and spiritual path. Reiki is first and foremost a spiritual practice that connects you with divine energy.

Reiki level 1 is called ‘Shoden’ which is the Japanese word for ‘first teaching’ by where you begin to sense the energy through the physical body. You can learn more here.

The second level is ‘Okuden’ which is a Japanese word meaning ‘inner teachings’. As the word implies a deeper understanding and connection to Reiki is achieved as you experience it through the mental, emotional and energetic body. You can learn more here.

The master level (3A) ‘Shinpiden’ is the Japanese word for ‘mystery teachings’. Reiki Master is where you become the energy as well as to live the spiritual life as a Reiki Master. You can learn more here.

The teacher level (3B) is for those feeling the calling to share Reiki with others and guide them towards a spiritual path. This teaching is by appointment only for students that have completed the master level with me.

“Recently I did the Usui System Reiki Shoden Level 1 course with the beautiful Reiki Master Prue Proctor from Zen Collective.

Prue told me it would be life changing and I am amazed to say it really has.Big shifts have occurred for me in so many ways. My vibration is higher and from this space I feel open. This openness has given me the space to make choices that are more true for me and aligned with what I love.

To say I am in flow and feeling magnetic is an understatement. This is the way I always want to feel. Ease and grace accompany me all day every day. I had done another reiki course elsewhere and it did not have the effect that I am experiencing now. Who knows where this journey is taking me? I love it and am very glad Reiki is becoming a big part of my life.Thank you Prue. My heart is filled with gratitude.”

Jane Thorpe – Reiki 1 Shoden Level  (January 2018) – Jane carried on to complete her Master level (March 2020)


“Reiki has been one of the greatest blessing in my life.  

I had my first Reiki attunement with Prue about 18 months ago, and since my first experience of Reiki, I have felt a calling and need to learn more.  Reiki 1 tweaked this intense curiosity in me that I couldn’t ignore.

Reiki II soon followed and I have been committed to the blessings that Reiki has given me since then. It has enriched my spiritual life and expanded my heart way beyond expectations.  Many, many wonderful changes have occurred within me that have ranged from healings, inner stillness, joy to incredibly profound insights.

Then, when I thought things were as good as they could get with Reiki, along came my third and final attunement – Reiki 3 (Master) level.   This attunement was so powerful that there was an instant deepening and awaking to the beautiful Reiki light within. This was a whole new level for me which I found to be gentle yet so incredibly powerful at the same time.  It was my coming home and connecting directly to the source and I am really pleased with myself for accepting this fantastic opportunity to do so.

Prue lives her life according to the principles of Reiki, and her heart, authenticity, and teachings are a gift and a blessing that truly reflect this.  What a fantastic inspiration she has been to me – she has a generous and open teaching style that truly ignites passion and gratitude for all that is Reiki!”

Sue May – Reiki Shoden Level 1 , Okuden 2  & Shinpiden 3A Masters (2015/2016)


“As a bodywork practitioner, I am always very curious about holistic modalities that work with energy, Reiki being one of those interests.  But every time I searched for Reiki courses, I would meet a dead end as none of them really felt to be the right fit for me.

Then my friend and I came across Prue’s website and after reading her story along with the information about the Reiki 1 course, I got a very good feeling that this was finally the Reiki facilitator and course that was for me !!

And so…I was right.  I was firstly so impressed and felt very at ease due to the beautiful space we were invited into. Prue’s style and attention to detail set the tone of the surroundings of which matched her vibrant, caring and authentic nature of teaching. Over the weekend, Prue held the space for our intimate group as she shared the beautiful teachings and gifts of Reiki.

The weekend revealed a potent essence that I was then able to take back into my bodywork practice and life.  I would like to highly recommend and commend Prue on her Reiki courses if you want to learn about yourself, gain and experience a new skill and be held in a beautiful safe space. Amazing experience, thank you Prue.”

Simone Fruitier – Reiki Shoden Level 1 (2016)

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