"Prue lives her life according to the principles of Reiki, and her heart, authenticity and teachings are a gift and blessing that truly reflect this ".


Recently I did the Usui System Reiki Shoden Level 1 course with the beautiful Reiki Master Prue Proctor from Zen Collective.

Prue told me it would be life changing and I am amazed to say it really has.Big shifts have occurred for me in so many ways. My vibration is higher and from this space I feel open. This openness has given me the space to make choices that are more true for me and aligned with what I love.

To say I am in flow and feeling magnetic is an understatement. This is the way I always want to feel. Ease and grace accompany me all day every day. I had done another reiki course elsewhere and it did not have the effect that I am experiencing now. Who knows where this journey is taking me? I love it and am very glad Reiki is becoming a big part of my life.Thank you Prue. My heart is filled with gratitude.


Jane Thorpe - Reiki 1 Shoden Level  (January 2018)

"Reiki has been one of the greatest blessing in my life.  


I had my first Reiki attunement with Prue about 18 months ago, and since my first experience of Reiki, I have felt a calling and need to learn more.  Reiki 1 tweaked this intense curiosity in me that I couldn’t ignore.


Reiki II soon followed and I have been committed to the blessings that Reiki has given me since then. It has enriched my spiritual life and expanded my heart way beyond expectations.  Many, many wonderful changes have occurred within me that have ranged from healings, inner stillness, joy to incredibly profound insights.


Then, when I thought things were as good as they could get with Reiki, along came my third and final attunement - Reiki 3 (Master) level.   This attunement was so powerful that there was an instant deepening and awaking to the beautiful Reiki light within. This was a whole new level for me which I found to be gentle yet so incredibly powerful at the same time.  It was my coming home and connecting directly to the source and I am really pleased with myself for accepting this fantastic opportunity to do so.


Prue lives her life according to the principles of Reiki, and her heart, authenticity, and teachings are a gift and a blessing that truly reflect this.  What a fantastic inspiration she has been to me – she has a generous and open teaching style that truly ignites passion and gratitude for all that is Reiki!"


Sue May - Reiki Shoden Level 1 , Okuden 2  & Shinpiden 3A Masters (2015/2016)

"As a bodywork practitioner, I am always very curious about holistic modalities that work with energy, Reiki being one of those interests.  But every time I searched for Reiki courses, I would meet a dead end as none of them really felt to be the right fit for me.


Then my friend and I came across Prue’s website and after reading her story along with the information about the Reiki 1 course, I got a very good feeling that this was finally the Reiki facilitator and course that was for me !!


And so...I was right.  I was firstly so impressed and felt very at ease due to the beautiful space we were invited into. Prue’s style and attention to detail set the tone of the surroundings of which matched her vibrant, caring and authentic nature of teaching. Over the weekend, Prue held the space for our intimate group as she shared the beautiful teachings and gifts of Reiki.


The weekend revealed a potent essence that I was then able to take back into my bodywork practice and life.  I would like to highly recommend and commend Prue on her Reiki courses if you want to learn about yourself, gain and experience a new skill and be held in a beautiful safe space. Amazing experience, thank you Prue."


Simone Fruitier - Reiki Shoden Level 1 (2016)

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