Just for today, let go of anger, let go of worry, honour your teachers, earn your living honestly and express gratitude to all living beings.

- Five Reiki Precepts -

Shoden is the Japanese word for ‘first teaching’ by where you begin to sense the energy. Reiki Level 1 (also called the 1st degree), is the foundation of all three levels.


The main purpose of Reiki Level 1 is to learn about self-healing, which involves taking responsibility for your own health and well-being. After completing Reiki Level 1, you may also heal others, as well as animals freely or by donation for non-professional purposes. Within Shoden you learn the basic fundamentals of Reiki:


The History and Development of Reiki​

The Five Precepts

Hand Positions for treatment

How to treat yourself and your family and friends

How to give and receive a one-hour Reiki treatment

How to connect to your original energy (hara)

How to use techniques and meditations to enhance your energy

  • Becoming initiated into the system of Reiki with four Japanese attunements



Shoden Attunements - Spiritual Blessings


Through an attunement ceremony called Reiju (pronounced ray-joo), you are initiated by a Reiki Master Teacher to three Reiki symbols:


Power symbol

Mental/emotional symbol

Distant/absentee symbol)


This is done through four initiations (sometimes this is done by 3 depending on the student) that helps you to facilitate and strengthen your connection to universal life force energy, allowing it to flow through you; raising your personal energy level.  Through each attunement you find your connection begin to deepen.


The Reiki symbols permanently remain within your aura and their energy emerges unconsciously through your hands. By simply placing your hands on yourself with intention to heal, the Reiki energy flows through you to heal at four levels:








On completion of the Course


On completion of the course, each student will receive a Reiki Manual and Certification as a Reiki Shoden Level I practitioner. You will feel competent in treating yourself, friends and family. For those interested in working on a deeper and more professional level, then Okuden Level 2 will be the next step for you.




When to take the next level - Okuden Level 2


A question that many students ask is about when they can continue to the next level.  For this course structure there is a minimum waiting period of 21-days to allow the body to cleanse and then it is up to the student to decide if they are ready to learn more knowledge.


Some Reiki Master Teachers believe, plus teach that with each higher level of Reiki, the student becomes a more powerful healer, but this isn’t encouraged or promoted in this class. Rather, you become a powerful healer through:


Having positive intention

Maintaining true focus

Strengthening your connection to the universal energy source

Maintaining a balanced and harmonious energy flow throughout your body

Maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit through right choice lifestyle

Being compassionate and loving

Being humble

Having self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence

Being self-empowered

Being disciplined to practice


Reiki Shoden Level I teaches you to bring in the Reiki energy to promote healing for yourself and others.



How do I achieve Shoden Level I Reiki Course


Shoden Level I Reiki Course consists of  2 x 6 Hour Course Sessions. The course is conducted this way to ensure that the student has plenty of time to practice Reiki and obtain feedback from their teacher.



What is the cost of the Shoden Level I Reiki Course


Shoden Level I Reiki Course cost $330 for 2 x 6 hour sessions. This includes healthy snacks, teas and fruit and a 44 page Reiki Manual and Certificate.

Please bring a healthy vegetarian lunch to enjoy.



I take a minimum of 2pax and maximum of 8 students to ensure that everyone receives the necessary attention and

understanding of the practice. .


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