"We cannot change anything unless we accept it"

- Carl Jung -

Every person is unique, therefore no one treatment is the same. Your experience receiving Reiki will vary from others as it supports the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth of the individual. Prior to the treatment we will discuss medical history whilst taking a brief overview of your life holistically. Treatments are received lying down, ensuring optimal comfort  on a massage table supported with pillows and eye mask for deep relaxation. 



Clients throughout treatment have reported feeling;


Profoundly calm and relaxed Falling into Alpha like-Sleep (where someone is neither fully asleep nor fully awake but still responds to touch and sound)

Feeling very light or like you are floating on clouds

Experiencing vivid dreams during treatment, flashbacks and imagining vivid images; Seeing vivid colours and coloured lights

Feeling extreme cold or intense heat in various parts of your body, shivering, prickling sensations or slight itchiness

Temporary tightening in the throat; feeling the need to breathe more deeply​


  • Temporarily feeling heaviness in the chest area​


Remembering long lost memories

Realising answers to questions or problems that have needed answers​


Feeling tingling, numbing, a sensation like sparks in the muscles​


Feeling tearful








After the Reiki treatment is finished there will be time to discuss the areas where energy flow has been weakened and potential areas within your life that could be contributing to the imbalance.


Some people have a mild detoxification after a Reiki healing, such as running nose, bowel changes, perspiration or perhaps skin breakouts. You may also experience mood changes, have vivid dreams, feel tired or have other bodily sensations. This is all a natural part of the healing process as often stagnated energy has been released. After a Reiki treatment it is important that you drink plenty of water and allow some quiet time for integration of the session

after treatment

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