For many years I have supported one to one clients over a course of sessions or as one off's.  Although those that come for 'one off' sessions always receive what they need, it is those that I see regularly who's lives have completely transformed.


I understand we don't come into this body with the co-ordinates of life however it is one's desire to learn and evolve that determines the trajectory of one's path . Success is never alone, it is also contributed to the people you surround yourself with and the support you receive, this is key! This is 'WHY' those 8% of the population that set goals achieve them 



  • Accountability is the glue that binds me to you and you to your goals. The more someone holds you accountable, the easier it becomes to naturally show up and be accountable to yourself without excuses and limitations. Each session completes with some action steps so you can go into your day to day life and implement new tools, rituals and lifestyle changes straight away.

  • Responsibility is the truth you come to when you own all of your choices and actions. Becoming the victim to circumstance, blaming others for where you are or disempowering your own and others growth through "rescuing" is only delaying you from achieving your goals. As much as it may feel uncomfortable and confronting my role is to highlight where you can step into your power and claim responsibility. The result? complete freedom!

  • Communication is everything! Respect, honesty and the ability to listen are the building blocks for healthy relationships and boundaries. It is expected that clear succinct communication is adopted when rescheduling appointments, replying to emails/queries and that all information shared is kept confidential. I hope to hold a safe and secure space for you too speak openly and honestly about what you need so I can understand how to support you best.


  • Commitment isn't a word you choose one day in a moment of need and then decide a week later you can't honour, this is called indecisiveness. When you commit to a change it's important to understand that your thoughts and emotions go in cycles and at most are reactive to your circumstances and perceptions. These are the times you lean in stronger and deeper than ever before to break through the cycle and use a new strategy for change.

  • Adaptability to change will be your greatest tool. Sometimes you may 'think' you need something however you receive something completely different from the process this is because what you think has got you to where you are today. Trust in my ability to prioritise the steps taken and have patience in the process, rushing never gifts you change only wasted energy.

  • Have fun! Remember you are choosing this for yourself and although you may feel life is getting messier it is actually part of the cleaning up process and it too shall pass.

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